Dodwell House Community Resource Center

A Mission of St. Anna’s Episcopal Church

Dodwell House: A Place of Possibility and Hope

On the edge of the Tremé and Seventh Ward, our historic neighborhood is rich in traditions: the birthplace of jazz; a bohemian enclave for artists and tradition bearers; rich in music, art, food, and life. But many of those traditions and strengths are now at risk.

Anna’s Place NOLA, a youth program operated by St. Anna’s Episcopal Church, stands as a beacon of possibility and hope. Anna’s Place NOLA has been disrupting pernicious cycles of poverty and violence, changing lives, for over a decade. More members of our community are leading safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives because of Anna’s Place.

The Dodwell House Difference

As the needs of our community continue to increase, especially with the effects of COVID-19, Anna’s Place has outgrown its home at St. Anna’s Church. Planning for expansion, St. Anna’s purchased a nearby historic house and named it “Dodwell House” for our beloved former minister and his wife, which will become the new home for Anna’s Place NOLA.

Increasing the reach of current programs and adding new programs, Anna’s Place will change lives through:



children and youth attend out-of-school time programs annually


Anna’s Place youth graduate from high school


of Anna’s Place youth go to college or employment after high school



healthy meals served annually to children, youth, the homeless and needy


people receive health services a year


bags of personal care items distributed to the homeless each year



participants in multi-generational programs each year

Those We Serve

The area we serve ranks 10th among the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city. High rates of poverty and unemployment, lack of education, poor healthcare and homelessness combine to create a threatening mixture. We are steadfast in our vision of a community where poverty and violence no longer make their home.

Average Household Income
Life Expectency

Imagine Dodwell House

Through the generosity of several friends, Dodwell House is no longer a dream. However, developing a place of possibility and hope is no small undertaking.

We are creating and equipping a space fit for the program needs of Anna’s Place NOLA and to meet the ever-changing needs of our community. Beyond the physical space, we are increasing our capacity to deliver our promise to the community. And we are ensuring we can sustain our growth.

We began the planning process three years ago. With the support of local architects and contractors experienced in historic preservation, Phase I of construction was completed in December 2021 and included a new roof, running new utilities, stabilization of the foundation and exterior walls, a water drainage system, and restoration of the wood windows. Phase II of renovation (the final phase) has started in May 2022 with a goal of utilizing the building for Anna’s Place NOLA summer camp in June 2023.

The total cost of the Dodwell House capital expansion program is projected to be $5.2 million*. This includes the cost of creating, equipping and operating a space fit for our program needs and other community programs, while also sustaining Dodwell House and Anna’s Place NOLA for the first two years.

Read more in this digital flip book:

*This reflects a rise in construction costs imposed in early 2022 due to the COVID pandemic’s effect on supply and equipment costs.

Capital Expenditures

$4.6 mm

Building Operating Endowment

$125 k

Anna’s Place Programs

$506 k

We’ve started, but still need your support

Initial pledges and donations allowed us to start renovations of Dodwell House in 2021. Additional support, both small and large, have been provided since we started our campaign, including large donations from Boysie Bollinger and Stephen Rosenthal. In December 2022 we were awarded a $750,000 federal Community Funding Projects appropriation thanks to Congressman Troy Carter. Our expected State Historic Tax Credit financing, based on the building’s history and our renovation plans, will add over $650,000 in funding, bringing us to within $1 million of our goal as of January 2023.

With your help and that of others, the full promise of Dodwell House will be achieved in the coming year. Please consider making a donation.

To learn more about the Dodwell House, take a tour, or find out how to support our work, contact Deacon Buck Close, Campaign Chair, at