Le Chambre d’Hospitalité Nearing Completion

Dodwell House, having enjoyed a very successful Gala event, has gone about the business of raising funds both in-kind and cash, to complete the work of Phase One. Phase One is the completion of the Dependency to make adequate that building for residency by our Anna’s Arts Directorand on-site manager Mr. Darryl Durham and volunteering housing for groups of 20 or less. Our anticipated completion date was sometime in the late winter of this year. Imagine our surprise and delight when a very generous donation of $50,000 was received by friends of Bob and Mary Dodwell, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Braun of Washington D.C. We are also pleased to announce that the Dependency will be blessed and named the Paige Royer – Le Chambre d’Hospitalité (The House of Hospitality). Completion of this Phase is ahead of schedule and we hope to open it during the Season of Advent or before. Your support, as always is wonderfully received and moves us and the Treme closing to meeting the needs of several hundred underserved yet wonderful people who simply need a help up rather than a hand out.