The Housing Wing is Nearing Completion!

Recently, a fund drive to help finish the “Housing” wing of Dodwell House was initiated. By the grace of the good Lord we have been thus far blessed. We hope to have the staff apartment occupied before the Fall semester of Anna’s Arts start. That will be a boost for Darryl Durham program director. Who now travels via bus from the Lower 9th Ward to St. Anna’s each day. In addition we are offering this housing as a financial support to this wonderful director. He is so wonderful that he recently was named one of BlueCross/BlueShield’s Angel of the Year recipients. In so doing his wonderful work is recognized AND his favorite charity receives a $20,000 donation! Yes, that would be Anna’s Arts.

The general dormitory space on the second floor should also be completed in time to host a group of twenty industrial arts students who will work on the Dodwell complex as a college course with their instructor on-site for several weeks this Fall. This are coming along and we are starting to see the possibilities instead of the impossibilities.

A recent storm took down one of our old trees and that was a mess but with volunteer help and some good chain saws nothing is impossible. Stop by sometime we’d love to show you the progress we are making because YOU are making it possible.