Isaiah 43:19 “Behold, I am doing a NEW THING”

The Community of St. Anna’s wants you to be aware of the “new thing” being undertaken to expand and increase its mission to the children and families of the Tremé and the 7th Ward neighborhoods.

During this year in New Orleans the media is filled with people looking back, reflecting on where they were and what they did on August 29, 2005, when Hurricane Katrina roared ashore from the Gulf of Mexico.  Members of St. Anna’s also reflect on that time, and the huge task they faced as they returned to rebuild their homes, neighborhoods and church.

Those few who returned, under the leadership of Fr. Terry, began to reach out to the devastated community around them.  St. Anna’s Medical Mission was soon formed to begin to meet the needs of people who had little, if any, health care.  Later Anna’s Arts for Kids began to give children a safe place to go after school and opened the door to their creativity through the visual arts and music.

But now, in 2015, on the K-10 anniversary, St. Anna’s is excited to look toward the future and dream where we might be in the next decade with hard work, love and support of our many friends and from the community.

Together we must make the dream of Dodwell House a reality!

By reaching the remaining Capital Campaign goal of $1.5 million ($560,000 has already been invested), St. Anna’s will be able to acquire full ownership of the property, re-wire, re-plumb, and totally renovate the facility.  And, BEHOLD, WE WILL BE READY TO DO A NEW THING.

That new thing will see an expansion in the Medical Mission and the children’s program which have already merged to become Anna’s Place NOLA.  That new thing will be a community center with a focus on arts and culture that harnesses the youthful energy and talents of the next generation. That new thing will provide space for diverse neighborhood groups to gather in a safe place to discuss their issues and reach consensus.  That new thing will be Anna’s Place NOLA at Dodwell House.

In Isaiah God tells Isaiah that he has kept his peace for a long time, but things must change.  People must be cared for.  Justice must prevail, and humankind must be lifted up and respected.

Won’t you join us in this endeavor?  Prayerfully consider a contribution over and above your support for your church and its missions — a special gift to ensure the future.  Katrina is past – the old has passed away — Behold, the people of St. Anna’s – with your help and support – are about to do a NEW thing.


The St. Anna’s Vestry

On behalf of the Congregation of St. Anna’s