Current Uses of Dodwell House

We’re not letting the property sit dormant as we continue the job of restoration. The Dodwell House Extravaganza, our annual fundraising event for the Dodwell House restoration and Anna’s Place NOLA programs, was held here in 2010 and 2011. This provided an opportunity for funders, parishioners, and friends to see the property and the potential that is there, along with the work that needed to be done. By the second year we had flooring where initially there were barricaded holes in the main house and the separate dependency (servant quarters) had been almost completed.

The lower floor of the dependency is an apartment rented by one of our staff since it was completed. The second floor was initially used to house volunteers coming to help with the house or to work on community houses. It is now also an apartment to another of our staff / artist.

With help from Scott Seed and Lowe’s we started a small garden that would be part of our kids programs. A few years ago Boy Scout Troop 35 built us several raised beds in which we plant vegetables that are used for snacks and meals in our kids programs and teachings on nutrition. In conjunction with Loyola University Biology Department the kids are learning composting, gardening, components of soil, and other aspects of environmental science. We’re currently planting a butterfly and hummingbird garden in addition to our vegetable garden.

Two videos have been filmed at Dodwell House and a community play was staged here over several weekends. Most recently the Skinz-n-Bonz Skeleton Krewe (a social organization) held a fundraising event to benefit Anna’s Place NOLA.

2015 Anna's Place Garden