Photos Of Our Earliest Challenges

2010 The house as we entered into our lease agreement

IMG_0470   IMG_0493  IMG_0503 Main Hse 3  Main Hse Ceiling 2  Maine Hse 4

Maine Hse 7  IMG_0505  IMG_0478 IMG_1425  IMG_1433  IMG_0684

IMG_0656  IMG_0660  IMG_0674

Volunteer Labor

IMG_1833  photo photo (3) Parish House stair rebuild B

2015 The Dependency

2015 dependency-3           2015 dependency-1

2015 dependency-2     2015 dependency-5      2015 dependency-4

 The Main House       back porch and ramp back porch ramp back porch Center Hallway dependency fire escape fence interior framing of bathrooms

Videos from the Dodwell Extravaganza 2012 fundraiser