St. Anna’s Medical Mission

St. Anna’s Medical Mission (SAMM) has been taking healthcare services to people within their communities since early 2006 with the goal of promoting the health of New Orleans area residents who do not have access to healthcare; we have recorded over 18,000 client visits. Our consistent presence in neighborhoods instills hope, trust and compassion while opening communication and the potential for education which will enhance healthcare access to all people.  Our services include health screenings (hypertension, diabetes, depression, diabetic retinopathy), health education, prevention (flu shots), stress relief (acupuncture) and acute care (treatment for colds, flu, rashes, etc.), as well as encouragement and assistance to establish a medical home (a primary care physician with ability to treat or refer as needed).

This is who we are
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A 2008 research project by Harvard University and Mobile Health Clinics Network, the “Mobile Health Map”, demonstrates that the Return on Investment (ROI) generated by SAMM was 50:1. This ROI can be translated into over $11 million in downstream healthcare expenditures saved in terms of added quality life years saved and Emergency Room visits avoided due to diagnosis and preventative health measures.

SAMM has built strong relationships with the local safety-net clinics, is a member of 504Healthnet, the GNO Mobile Unit Consortium, and the Mobile Health Clinics Network, all working to improve healthcare access. The Program Director is a board member of a community-academic partnership (REACH NOLA) that has provided mental health training and services in the city.  SAMM works diligently to deliver health care and health care education to the clients of Anna’s Arts for Kids and Oportunidades as well as many of our local businesses and neighbors. Diana Meyers, RN – Director SAMM