St. Anna’s Urban Episcopal Academy

Embrace the dream. During the Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana in 2014, Fr. Terry addressed the assembly in an 11 min. speech to explain the need for an Academy of learning for children near the church. Simply stated: 60% of the population are below the poverty level including children; there is a 25 year lower life expectancy than the rest of the city; the area around the property is a crime “Hot Spot” meaning a higher number of murders than other parts of the city and finally there are NO performing grammar schools below Canal Street serving this area. What are the hoped for outcomes for the children and families of this proposed school? In the simplest of terms that speaks volumes, “to make tax payers out of them.” When done the assembly gave a standing ovation and applause. By the time the weekend had ended several personal and institutional pledges had been made based on the following formula: If 100 persons or churches pledged $4,000 per year for three years a school could be funded. EMBRACE THE DREAM.

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St. Anna’s Urban Episcopal Academy – More Than a Dream – a Necessity (PDF)