The Renovation

Plans are being Crafted in 2019 WE ARE EXCITED!

In 2017 St. Anna’s hired noted architects, Mathes Brierre to conduct an initial concept plan for restoration/renovation. We are excited in 2019 to be honing in on a final concept here is where we are at the present time:

Concept Plans by Mathes Brierre July 2017

(click on the above Concept Plans bar to see a full color presentation)

Over six years of saving a property

Our renovation project started soon after we signed the lease. The property was abandoned for several years, had been home to vagrants, and had accumulated rooms full of discarded items and trash. The flooring in the main house was gone in several spots; the ceiling was falling down; weeds were growing through the brick and windows were broken. Our first goal was to stabilization of the main house with repairs and sealing the exterior of the property. After that we wanted to develop the usable “slave quarters.”

The first floor of the slaves’ quarters, now called the “Dependency”, is home to an Anna’s Place staff member.  The main house and center room have been stabilized and have sub-flooring, and safety and security have been addressed.

To date, the following work has been done:

  • Installed new plumbing infrastructure for slaves’ quarters
  • Reframed slaves’ quarters for housing
  • Sealed the walls to decrease mold and dampness
  • New paint interior and exterior
  • Installed new appliances for apartment
  • Installed a fire-escape for the 2nd floor of slaves’ quarters
  • Reinforced the foundation of the main house
  • Replaced damaged floor joists on first and second floor of the main house and center room
  • Installed new sub-flooring on first floor and center room
  • Braced Esplanade-side wall which was in jeopardy of falling
  • Installed a 4-foot thick beam to stabilize the second floor of main house
  • New roof on main house and center room
  • Built and installed new shutters for main house and slaves’ quarters in the historic style required
  • Installed fence around the entire property with an iron gate
  • Installed a lighting and alarm system for security
  • Installed handicap-accessible ramp to main house
  • Brick-work to stabilize chimneys
Alfred State College
Semesters on-site

Literally hundreds of man hours of volunteer and academic labor went into saving the Marsaudet-Dodwell House. The next steps are soon to come. Alfred State College, Christ Church Covington, Latino volunteers from Oportunidades NOLA all worked to help save The Dodwell House. The dream, “A place for learning, reconciliation, and safe spaces for all.”